Water: a solution to the climate crisis


The recovery of water security as a climate change mitigation factor was one of main themes of the event “Unloncking the Nature/Net Zero Balance”, which took place this Tuesday (2) in COP26 Green Zone. The meeting brought together the environment ministers of Scotland and England, as well as businessmen and scientists.

The thinking is simple: clean water, healthier soils, more area for planting trees, responsible for absorbing carbon. Water is nature’s starting point, and while this is an easy-to-understand statement, restoring the health of the water sector is a complex task that demands a long-term strategy just as complex.

UK business owners have been working on this issue for nearly 20 years and have stated that no company, government or individual can undertake this task in isolation. The work needs to be done together, engaging more and more governments, companies and civil society institutions to achieve Net Zero.

A consensus among the participants was the crucial role of Brazil in this issue, due to its abundance of forests and water. They also highlighted the need for a rapid reduction in deforestation in the country to preserve the planet.

One of the consensuses at the end of the event was that Nature-Based Solutions are the way to achieve the desired measures. For this, it is necessary to bring these solutions to the fore, so that they provide water availability and its consequences.

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